Herbal Tinctures

WildCrafted or Organic, ethically harvested

1 oz/9$ / 2 oZ/16$



Unless otherwise noted, all tinctures are made with wildcrafted herbs, using internationally renown herbalist Susun Weed's prescribed method. Fresh, chopped herb is packed into a glass jar, never longer than a half hour after harvest, but usually done on the spot. The jar is then filled to the brim with 100 proof vodka for a bare minimum of six weeks, but I typically steep mine for many months.

I do not make tincture in mass quantity. Every herb I harvest, I can tell you exactly where it came from, the time of day it was picked, the quality of the weather, even my own mood while collecting. I never take more than half of any one stand of herb, usually less. I do not harvest any endangered species.

Many of my offerings come from my own home, a sixth generation family farm the fates have seen fit to leave me with, which I have, shall we say, restored to its long-frustrated wild character. Others come from pristine mountaintops, creek basins, and deep inside vacant lots that your average passerby believes has nothing to offer. But I know better. And I spend the warm months seeking, identifying, finding- and making magic with nothing but plants, vodka and some jars. 


To purchase, please email julia.angelina@gmail.com with your order request, and I'll get back to you shortly. Bear with me while I get a proper store up and running. Thanks!



Saint John's Wort (flowering tops, wild)

Boneset (fresh flowering tops, wild)

Wild Carrot, (mature seed, wild)

Lobelia Inflata (aerial parts w/green seeds, wild), alcohol based

Lobelia Inflata (aerial parts w/green seeds, wild), vinegar based

Wild Lettuce (leaf and stalk, wild)

Fox Grape, (whole fruit and seed, wild)

Rosehip Brandy (whole fruit, seed and stem, wild)

Elderflower (flowers only, wild)

Goldenrod (flowering tops, wild)

Mullein (aerial parts, wild)

Evening Primrose (flowering tops, harvested during nighttime blooming period, wild)

Motherwort (flowering tops, wild)

Yarrow (flowering tops, wild)

Celandine (leaf, stem. wild)

Honeysuckle Brandy (flowers only, wild)

Wild Spearmint (aerial parts, wild)

Wild Bergamot/Monarda (flowering tops, right before blooming, wild)

Purple Loosestrife (flowering tops, wild)

Mugwort (flowering tops, wild)

Black Walnut (fresh hull, wild)

New England Aster (flowers, some leaf, wild)

Wild Lemon Balm (aerial parts, wild)

Chicory (flowers only, wild)

Juniper (berry, wild)

Eastern White Pine (bark, wild)





Echinacea Angustifolia (dried root, certified organic)

Kava Kava (dried root, certified organic)

Valerian (dried root, certified organic)

Chaste Tree Berry/Vitex (dried berry, certified organic)

Elderberry Elixir (dried berry, certified organic + raw natural honey from the Pocono Mountains)

Gentian (dried root, certified organic)

Astragalus (dried root, certified organic)

White Peony (dried root, certified organic)

Milk Thistle (dried seed, certified organic)

Burdock (dried root, certified organic)



Hot Pepper, Medium (fresh whole fruit, not organic- purchased from small local farm)

Hot Pepper, Hot (fresh whole fruit, not organic- purchased from small local farm.)